Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Blue?

The new teak furniture and umbrellas from Kingsley-Bate arrived in time for the July 4th weekend!  A departure from the hunter green set that was in place for years, the new blue set stands out rather than blends into the landscape.  I'm trying to get used to this change. 

"Sky-blue" pool water
My color inspiration came from the water color of the pool.  The pool's new dark finish is reflecting the blue sky like a mirror.  The finish is a charcoal marble dust.  After many requests for darker,  I was told this is the darkest marble dust could go.  The result allows the pool to have a more natural look.

A good friend suggested infusing some other colors onto the patio to break up the expanse of blue.  Behind the patio, there is a bed with flowering perennials and shrubs.  Between the chaises,  I'll try some containers with annuals.

St. Tropez teak chaises
Now back to the furniture itself.  I've loved Kingsley-Bate furniture for years.  The quality is superb.  And these new St. Tropez teak and mesh chaises are so well-made and comfortable even without cushions.  I will let the wood age to a natural silver color.  The umbrellas have a pulley system that raises the umbrellas with ease.

I don't actually sit by the pool often.  I'm always jumping up to prune, weed or inspect.  With hot, sunny weather forecasted, maybe I'll enjoy the pool area this weekend (probably reading a new garden book).


Jan Johnsen said...

not too blue at all .. and I just did a pool with that interior finish color - outstanding!

a splash of red anywhere makes it in summer....

Jeff, Gardener in Chief said...

Thanks. I think, like anything, big changes take time to get used to.

Hope the color lasts a while. We converted to saltwater. Mainly, because the chlorine was bothering my eyes, but hope it will also keep fading down over the years.

Scott said...

are those 10 foot umbrellas?

Jeff, Gardener in Chief said...

These are 9' foot umbrellas with a 1.5" pole. However, Kingsley-Bate does make a 10' foot umbrella with a 2" inch pole: Kingsley-Bate options