Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mowing Day!

Weather permitting, Thursday is mowing day.  Weekly mowing is a gardening task that I hire out (one of the few).  My limited interest in the lawn allows me to let outsiders take care of this "mow and blow" chore.  In my Hamptons garden, I see mown grass as nothing more than a frame for my planting beds.

I'll admit it.  My lawn is crappy.  It's a crucible of grass mixes, clover and moss.  But on mowing day,  the sun-singed grass tops and rambling weeds are shorn to a homogeneous, deep green that makes everything around look crisp and fresh.

I see those flawless lawns all around the Hamptons and wonder if I should care more.  But on Thursday, mowing day, I can pretend to have a similar well-tended turf (if you don't look too close).

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