Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the Outside Looking In

Weeding isn't my favorite garden chore.  I'd much rather plant, prune, even deadhead than weed.  So a few areas can get a bit messy before I motivate myself to evict the unwanted squatters.

Often I'll find a roaming perennial among the less desirable weeds.  However, I was very surprised to discover this Verbascum in full bloom outside the front planting bed.  This looks like an offspring to Verbascum 'Sixteen Candles' that had died out years ago.  There hasn't been any blooming Verbascum in years!  I guess the seeds had lain dormant all this time.

The original Sixteen Candles added a vertical, yellow accent to Monarda 'Raspbery Wine'.   It was a nice combination, but when it disappeared,  I decided not to continually replant such a short-lived perennial.  However, seeing these two together again has me rethinking this original decision.

However, I think junior is also letting me know it prefers to going it alone than competing in the perennial bed.   For me, he's provided a reason to postpone weeding next spring as I wait for his offspring to pop up.

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