Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Time for the 'Ice Carnival' in the Hamptons

'Ice Carnival' daylily glowing in the morning sun

Pale yellow with a green throat
I think I selected this luscious yellow daylily for its catalog description as much as its color.  In its extensive catalog,  Olallie Daylily Gardens commented that the 'Ice Carnival' daylily had the color of lemon Italian ice. Yum.  I thought this daylily would be a refreshing addition to the summer garden when things heated up.  They bloom for about three to four weeks beginning July.

I have several patches of this daylily cultivar planted all over my Hamptons garden.  I have found that it does pretty well in partial sun (at least half a day) and helps brighten planting beds as they fall into shade.

I bought my first 'Ice Carnival' fans from the mail order company Olallie Daylily Farm, but have since found them locally.  Sometimes I'm lucky and find a few left when the local nurseries have their end-of-summer sales.  This pale yellow daylily with a green throat blends with so many of my color combinations that I can always add a few more somewhere.

During the dog days of summer you can never have too much Italian ice.


Astrid said...

Delicious colour!! Will have to jot it down in my "To Buy" list!
Happy gardening, Jeff!

Jeff, Gardener in Chief said...

Thanks Astrid. So hot this week that watering is the most active gardening activity.