Friday, July 20, 2012

I Long for a Cutting Garden

Farm-fresh flowers
Just picked up a bouquet of snapdragons from the local farm stand. They reminded me of the ones my grandmother grew in her cottage garden when I was little.  I remember her showing me how pinching the blooms made them snap open and close like a dragon's mouth.

I'd love to be able to cut large, fresh bouquets like this from a cutting garden on my property.  Unfortunately, space and sun are limited unless I clear another significant patch of land.  Sure, I can snip a rose or hydrangea bloom here and there.  And I have plenty of filler material like ferns and shrub stems.  However, I always get stingy when cutting perennials as I want to leave as many blooms in the garden as possible.

In my dream cutting garden, I would plant tall annuals that could be cut without remorse.  And the garden would have spring bulbs, peonies, tea roses and dahlias that supply seasonally appropriate blooms for indoor arrangements.  And when cut or past their prime, these sacrificial plants would be out of sight from the main gardens.

But for now, I'm content to support the local farm stands that consistently produce quite an array of flowers.  After all, I like contributing back to the farms whose fields make the Hamptons so picturesque.


Astrid said...

Hi Jeff
I follow your blog on a regular basis. I think it's fabulous and "lovely", therefore I nominate you for the One Lovely Blog award!! Congratulations! You can find the rules on my site
If you feel you cannot comply with the rules of the award, please accept this nomination in the sincere spirit in which it is offered.

Limette said...

I have been thinking the exact same thing. I might dig out a spot in the fall and start with some perennial tulips and daffodils.

Jeff, Gardener in Chief said...

Thanks Astrid for the nomination! I'll check out the rules. Glad you like my blog. I've enjoyed yours as well.

Limette, I was thinking that if I could cut just a few trees for some sun along the uncleared property edge, I would use raised beds. Might be easier for me to garden and maintain and I wouldn't have to break up the ground in this less fertile area. I would just add fertile soil to the planters. Plus the raised beds might keep out some of the bunnies and voles taking up residence in my garden.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I participate in the various Hamptons Garden tours. I am always very jealous of both the cutting gardens and the vegetable patches. I don't have an appropriate site either. Oh well, next life.