Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wild Marijuana?

While looking up some information on Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia),  I discovered that some confuse this rambling native vine with "Ditch Weed" or wild marijuana.  Although a bit curious, I didn't google further any information on the wild intoxicant, but did wonder who would be so desperate as to smoke a weedy vine growing in a ditch.

The vibrant red leaves look stunning against the white building

But back to my main search.  I think I was most interested in confirming that the vine that I had studied all summer climbing outside one of my office windows was not the five-leafed poison oak which it resembles, but actually Virginia Creeper.  Now with brilliant burgundy-red leaves, this vine catches my attention each time I pass by.   I was excited to verify that it was indeed Virginia Creeper and, thus, a candidate for my own Hamptons Garden next year.  My pool equipment shed would look gorgeous cloaked in this autumn red some day.  

I am so relieved to learn that this vine is just an ornamental beauty and not an itch-inducing weed.   However, a few may be disappointed to learn that it isn't that other kind of "weed" either.  

1 comment:

Beth Behr said...

Great blog and pictures! I found this particular post to be very humorous as I have had a few friends mistake it for the same thing, which is absurd. While it does look similar, neighbors would be sure to call the police if it was indeed a weed weed. I agree the red looks gorgeous next to the white building. Marijuana plants in contrary are not so pretty. Although some pot enthusiasts may care to disagree. Thanks for the great (and funny) read!

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