Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poor Little Suzie

'Little Suzie' mingling with a Miscanthus
My favorite Rudbeckia cultivar is 'Little Suzie'.  Compared to  the popular 'Goldsturm' variety,  Suzie has smaller blooms and more delicate leaves.  Plant sources say it is also shorter, but mine grow to about 18 inches.

In my Hamptons garden, 'Little Suzie' starts blooming a little later than 'Goldsturm'.  The bloom period is also a bit longer.  From late July into mid-August,  its blossoms add bright golden color, like mini sunflowers,  refreshing the midsummer garden.

Unfortunately for 'Little Suzie',  I'm not her only admirer in my garden.  During the past few winters, voles nipped at her roots. And this summer,  a wild rabbit in residence has been chomping at her tasty stalks and blooms.  The vole damage is usually pretty fatal so I have been treating this perennial like an annual.  A few seedlings pop up each season, but additional plants are added each spring to get a substantial and abundant summer showing.

Clayton, the older Schnauzer, has been pretty good at chasing the rabbit away each morning.  I will follow his lead and try to chase away the voles this winter.

As an annual or perennial, I will always have a spot for 'Little Suzie' in my summer garden.

More delicate leaves than 'Goldsturm'
Big showing in early August

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We were truly blessed by mother nature this year. I've noticed it in all of our pink daylilies: